Our team

Sophiax AG is proud to say that our hardworking and talented team is the secret to our growth and success. Each of our team members is amazing in their own way, together they all make Sophiax AG a leading e-commerce business.

Core Values
Of Our Team

  • Being Bold

    Being Bold

    Being proactive, making great decisions, taking responsibilities and trying out new things

  • Being Curious

    Being Curious

    We encourage asking questions, doing research and learning new techniques. We study the businesses linked to us seriously

  • Being Together

    Being Together

    We encourage members to play an active role in our team, collaborate and support each other

  • Being Connected

    Being Connected

    We meet different people, focus on making contacts and building relationships with businesses to see the bigger and better picture

  • Being Better

    Being Better

    Our team is continuously looking for ways to be better and never stop the learning process. We strive to be the best. Building, training, developing, and engaging the Sophiax AG team is our company’s major commitment.


Meet the Sophiax Team

United in Spirit, Driven by Purpose, Dedicated to Reshaping Business through Conscious Living and Kindness

Karim Awat

Karim Awat

Founder & Visionary

As a visionary entrepreneur, I’m dedicated to empowering aspiring business owners across the MENA region. My expertise lies in online business, marketing, and e-commerce, and I am on a transformative journey to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 when I focused on affiliate marketing. I quickly established myself as an expert in email marketing, content creation, and SEO. Through my consulting services, I have guided companies in launching impactful marketing campaigns in the MENA region.

In 2020, I founded Sophiax AG, a company specializing in building strong brands within the competitive Amazon USA marketplace. With my visionary mindset and deep industry knowledge, I empower entrepreneurs through tailored guidance, strategic insights, and innovative marketing strategies.

My mission is to unlock the potential of individuals and foster successful businesses. Through Sophiax AG, I equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to thrive, creating a culture of innovation, growth, and prosperity.

Beyond business, I strongly believe in making a positive impact on society by empowering individuals and driving economic growth.

Rawan Awat

Rawan Awat


I’m Rawan Awat, the esteemed founder of Sophiax AG, bringing a wealth of expertise to the entrepreneurial landscape. I have a distinguished L.L.M in taxes and criminal law, along with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which gives me a unique combination of legal acumen and a deep understanding of human behavior.

Drawing upon my legal background, I navigate complex business landscapes with finesse. My psychological knowledge enables me to connect with clients, understand their needs, and drive impactful results. What sets me apart is my additional experience as a seasoned coach in conscious parenting methods.

By integrating conscious parenting principles into my leadership approach, I foster a nurturing environment for personal growth, team development, and effective communication within organizations. My emphasis on empathy, active listening, and fostering healthy relationships creates a positive and inclusive work culture that empowers individuals to thrive.

My unwavering dedication, remarkable qualifications, and expertise in conscious parenting methods make me an invaluable asset in empowering businesses and fostering transformative growth.

Rayan Barhouche

Rayan Barhouche

CEO & Integrator

I love toys!
My inner child simply couldn’t let go, so I had to make a career out of it. After successfully founding, growing, and selling my first toy company. I joined ‘Sophiax AG’ where I currently serve as the CEO and integrator.
I believe that my mission as a toy creator is to help shape generations that can change the world.

Karim Kurani

Karim Kurani


I am Karim, a marketing expert with a successful career, dedicated eight years working on Nestle’s renowned brands before deciding to pursue my own brand-building consulting career in various countries. Throughout my journey, I have worked closely with startups, offering guidance and support as an advisor and partner. Presently, I hold the position of Head of Marketing at Sophiax, where I utilize my skills to create groundbreaking marketing strategies that propel the company to unprecedented levels of success.

Farid Nurmammadov

Farid Nurmammadov

Head of Amazon Sales

MBA, 5+ years of experience in E-commerce, specifically Amazon channel

Mahmoud Hamad

Mahmoud Hamad

Sales Manager

As an experienced sales professional, I am ready to excel in the role of a Regional Sales Manager. Throughout my career, I have consistently surpassed targets and driven sales, establishing a proven track record. My expertise lies in building strong client relationships, analyzing market trends, and crafting strategic sales plans. I am a strong leader who motivates sales teams to deliver exceptional results, and I am dedicated to representing the company and actively contributing to the growth of the region.

Muhammad Al Ayoubi

Muhammad Al Ayoubi

Head of Design

Hey there! I’m Muhammad, a seasoned graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in the creative field. From my early days as a fresh graduate to leading creative teams and directing artistic projects, I’ve embraced every opportunity to grow and excel. I have a genuine thirst for knowledge, constantly seeking inspiration from captivating lectures and immersive audiobooks. Nature is my sanctuary, where I find inner peace and recharge my energy. With a deep passion and an insatiable curiosity, I approach every project with innovation and enthusiasm, ready to create impactful visual experiences.

Hend Akremi

Hend Akremi

SEO Specialist

In this exhilarating journey called life, I am Hend Akremi, an adventurous SEO specialist driven by a deep passion for creating lasting impacts in people’s lives. With over 5 years of experience, I have worked on more than 20 transformative projects across 5+ diverse countries.
Beyond the technical aspects, I find immense joy in immersing myself in initiatives that bring about long-term positive changes for individuals.
Fuelled by this curiosity, I thrive on exploring new places, meeting new people, trying exotic cuisine.
When I’m not optimizing websites, you can find me maneuvering on the tennis court, where my love for the sport meets my competitive drive.

Celine Kanaan

Celine Kanaan

Toy Designer

Celine, Growing up, I’ve naturally gravitated towards building things. I also always made sure to leave room for play. Today, using my background in architecture, I join my skills and passions together to build new things for little hands. Becoming a toy designer allowed me to never have to go to work ever again. When I am not a toy designer, I am a pianist, a swimmer, an ice-cream lover, and a mother.

Yahya Salha

Yahya Salha

Graphic Designer

My name is Yahya Salha, a highly experienced professional graphic designer. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Islamic University, and I have accumulated over 10 years of valuable expertise in my field.

Throughout my career, I have worked with three prestigious holding companies in Saudi Arabia, where I have honed and expanded my skills in graphic design. I have provided creative solutions to clients across various industries, playing a pivotal role in the development and strengthening of their brands while helping them achieve their objectives.

On a personal note, I have a fondness for watching cartoons and find solace in the tranquility of nature. It is during moments like midnight or while taking a shower that I often experience bursts of great ideas.

Nurlan Aliyev

Nurlan Aliyev

Amazon Sales Specialist

Department: Flying Engineer (2015– 2019)
Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

Personal Background
I have 4 years of experience in e-commerce & have been selling full time on Amazon for over 4 years. I am focused predominantly on private label products. Additionally, I have experience in Retail/Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and KDP books.

Main profession is Amazon PPC optimization
Managed 9 different accounts worldwide across multiple categories: Baby, Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, Arts & Crafts, Office Products and Seasonal Products brands, Home & Kitchen, Cell Phones & Accessories
Maintained and optimized campaigns towards each client’s goals regularly

Professional Summary
Most of entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sphere may have this information and practices, but the main point is to be able to keep up with the news, updates of the algorithm, and other changes.

Najwa Murad

Najwa Murad

Administrative Assistant

“I am a dedicated administrative assistant with expertise in organizing exhibitions and conferences. In 2018, my professional journey began in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I had the opportunity to refine my managerial skills and gain valuable experience across multiple areas of management, including secretarial work, administrative assistance, and human resources.

Thanks to my adaptability, I seamlessly transitioned to diverse industries, including real estate companies, investment firms, and law firms, where I thrived in new environments.

In my current role, I trust that we at ‘Sophiax’ give more than expected and make our own mark.”

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